Program Management


One of the main reasons for you to choose Cosmos is our communication capability and responsive service. Each of our project leaders is experienced in serving overseas customers, particularly from U.S. and Europe, and participating in large-scale exhibitions held abroad, such as NPE. We are proficient to communicate with you in English, both verbally and by written.

We all understand that you, as our valued customer, may have some occasions that need our assistance immediately. Despite that we are located in the PRC, the time difference between us will not refrain our communication. No matter whenever it is, even though it is our nighttime, you are welcomed to give us a call, and our project leaders will be here listening to your needs.

To ensure you get feedback from us within the shortest period of time, all of your enquiries will be responded within 24 hours upon receipt. What’s more, our project team is 24/7, which means your concerns at any stage of the molding process will be attended to on a timely basis without any unnecessary delay.

Project Plan

Upon confirmation of your order, we will have a project leader specifically designated to you for directing the entire project.

Planning ahead will be our next utmost step. After the kick-off of the project, we will formulate a detailed project plan to work out an agreed mold building method, specification and timeline between us. Keeping a good track on the project is crucial to deliver a mold that meets or even exceeds customers’ expectations.

Progress Report

Frequent communication with our customers is crucial to build molds that meet our customers’ unique requirements and specifications. To give our customers better idea of the project progress, we will provide weekly status reports with pictures throughout the entire course of project until the final completion. This helps to give customers opportunities to provide feedback on our work from time to time.